East End Cemetery Collaboratory

This is the main website for the East End Cemetery Collaboratory, this site brings together the various projects members of the collaboratory contribute including maps, 3D grave marker scans, histories, and archives including this one.

East End Cemetery Map

Years in the making, this map pinpoints the locations of grave markers at East End using GIS technology and drone imagery. As of September 2020, nearly 3,250 markers have been mapped, with points indicating their precise positions in the cemetery. Points will continue to be added as markers are found. The map was created and is maintained through a partnership with the Digital Scholarship Lab and the Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of Richmond.

East End Cemetery RVA

A visually dynamic resource, this website situates the cemetery and the people buried there in their historical context and features photographs made through the years at East End, as well as archival images from public-domain sources and from relatives of the deceased. Like the archive, the site is designed to accept content from users—photos, documents, stories—and contains a growing number of short biographies written by family members and other researchers.**

Other Websites

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